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Hey I got to get back to the pool and get in my second swim of the day. I hope you have a great swim too! See ya in the pool!

We are pleased to announce that currently SwimmersWarehouse.com has the best price online for the new Speedo LZR Pro Gold Jammer swimsuits. The Pro Gold is the new color that replaces the black and red stitched Speedo LZR Pro swimsuits. Speedo recalled all of the black and red suits back in the fall due to bad sizing and construction problems. They have corrected these issues and now the LZR Pro is faster than ever with the new and improved fit. Swimmers Warehouse has a large shipment of these suits in their low-priced warehouse ready for fast delivery at the lowest prices online for Speedo swimwear. Get what you want at the lowest prices, even lower than that swimming outlet place.

Speedo has fixed the fit and design problems that plagued their technical racing swimsuit the Speedo LZR Pro. Speedo has completely redesigned the patterns and adjusted the fit to reduce the drag issues and increase the overall speed of this swimsuit. Speedo has changed the red stitching to gold stitching so that there will not be any confusion for the consumers. It is also a more neutral color so that more swim teams can use the Speedo LZR Pro as an option for their racing swimsuit.

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